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Kevin Cochran

Founder & Lead Sales Associate

About Kevin

With over a decade of sales experience in the medical devices and equipment industry, Kevin is the passionate driving force behind Skevos Solutions.  Working in the medical market has granted Kevin a profound appreciation for health and healing.


Witnessing the positive impact of technological innovations on patients' lives has become a privilege he deeply treasures. Playing a role in the care continuum, no matter how small, is a source of great fulfillment.

As Skevos Solutions grew, Kevin dedicated himself to cultivating and sustaining meaningful partnerships with forward-thinking health clinics and veterinary practices. Known for his hands-on and collaborative approach, he takes pride in delivering personalized service to every client he works with. Representing only products he wholeheartedly believes in is a guiding principle.

Every day, Kevin works tirelessly toward a shared goal: adding genuine value to clients' practices and assisting them in providing the best possible treatment for their patients.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(317) 445-9247

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