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About Us

At Skevos Solutions, are wholeheartedly committed to our mission: Empowering veterinary professionals with cutting-edge products and solutions for pain relief, enabling them to make a profound impact on the lives of their patients.

Our vision guides us towards a future where we stand as the leading provider of revolutionary pain management solutions, driving meaningful change and enhancing the welfare of animals within veterinary care.

At the core of our ethos is a belief that all animals deserve compassionate care and relief from pain. This conviction drives our dedication to research, innovation, and the development of products that not only address discomfort but also improve animals' lives. As we grow, we stay focused on a future where pain is not an inevitable reality for our pets.

We are more than a business; we're your trusted ally in pet care. Explore our story, meet our dedicated team, and learn about our unwavering dedication to veterinary health right here.

Our Values


Pioneering new standards in product development.


Conducting our business with the utmost ethical principles.


Ensuring every animal's comfort and well-being.


Partnering with veterinary experts to refine our solutions.

Meet the Team

Kevin Cochran, owner of Skevos Solutions

Kevin Cochran

Founder & Lead Equipment Consultant

Bill Cochran

Bill Cochran

Director of Tail-Wagging Connections

Brooke Gimmerro

Brooke Gimmerro

Business Outreach Sales Specialist

The Skevos Name Significance

Honoring Family Roots

Skevos, the name behind our business, holds a profound significance in my life as a tribute to my late father, Steve. With his vibrant personality and generous nature, my dad was not just a family figure, but also a confidant, a mentor, and a true friend. He embodied the role of a coach, always guiding and supporting me.​In Greece, our family carried the name Skevos, which was later changed to Cochran when our relatives immigrated to the United States. This transformation marks a crucial chapter in my personal journey. 

By choosing Skevos as our business name, I pay homage to the unwavering support my family provided during our early endeavors. It serves as a testament to the values of integrity and dedication that were instilled in me.​Every step I take to build the life we envisioned together, Skevos remains a steadfast reminder of my roots, a connection to my family's past, and a symbol of the dreams we shared. It is an honor to have my father's memory intertwined with the growth and success of our business.

A photo of Kevin Cochran and his father


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