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Aimalojic Logo

ImmutriX Therapeutics, the visionary company behind AimaLojic, embarked on a mission to develop life-saving technology for emergency care, initially focusing on human health. Recognizing the urgent need for such innovations in veterinary medicine, the team swiftly pivoted their efforts. AimaLojic emerged as a transformative solution for veterinary teams worldwide, dedicated to revolutionizing workflows and introducing cutting-edge hemoperfusion technology to the field of animal health.


With a steadfast commitment to improving treatment success rates and minimizing organ dysfunction, AimaLojic is setting a new standard of care in veterinary medicine, empowering clinics with efficient and effective solutions for their patients' well-being.


Revive HP Device Logo
Revive HP Device

The ReVive HP Complete Hemoperfusion System is a veterinary device that utilizes AimaLojic Blood Purification Filters to rapidly and efficiently remove toxins from a patient's bloodstream, often leading to improved treatment success rates and expedited recovery times in cases of severe intoxication or poisoning. This innovative system allows for streamlined workflow in veterinary clinics, empowering technicians and clinicians to provide life-saving hemoperfusion therapy with ease and efficacy.

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