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Multi Radiance Veterinary, a division of Multi Radiance Medical, has been at the forefront of veterinary laser therapy technology for over 10 years. Originating as a pioneer in medical laser technology, the company extended its innovative solutions to serve the specialized needs of veterinarians and animal healthcare professionals. With a commitment to scientific excellence and a focus on non-invasive, drug-free treatments, Multi Radiance Veterinary has earned its reputation as an industry leader.

Their FDA-cleared super pulsed laser devices offer safe and effective options for pain relief, wound healing, and inflammation control across a range of animals—companion pets, equines, exotics, wildlife, and zoo animals alike. Multi Radiance Veterinary not only equips veterinary professionals with cutting-edge technology but also invests in continuous research and development to ensure that the veterinary community has access to the most advanced, reliable, and effective therapeutic laser solutions available.


AlphaVet Laser Device
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My Pet Laser 2.0 Device
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ActiVet Pro Laser Device
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ActiVet Pro LaserShower Device
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